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Our 2022-25 Strategy


SHF is focused on delivering better sanitation and hygiene services, the ‘SH’ element of WASH - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, and better access to menstrual health and hygiene (MHH). 

Sanitation and hygiene, and MHH provide value for individuals, the economy and the environment. Knowing this value helps governments and investors to see the task of improving access to sanitation, hygiene and MHH as not only an opportunity for building human capital but also for accelerated economic growth and jobs. 

SHF investments aim to incentivize the growth of vibrant sanitation economies and menstrual hygiene marketplaces, with stable, viable value chains helping provide critical access to products and services to all in need, including communities living in non-sewered areas and settlements. Our funding is directed to generate results and impact across four strategic objectives: (1) Scale-up household sanitation and hygiene services; (2) Address Menstrual Health and Hygiene gaps while promoting empowerment of women and girls; (3) Increase sustainable water, sanitation, hygiene and MHH services in schools and health care facilities; (4) Support innovation towards safely managed sanitation, hygiene and MHH. 
SHF brings together the development and finance worlds and we play a key role in assisting countries to navigate and benefit from the innovative financing opportunities therein. 

We use the potential value that can be created within the sanitation economy as a driver for achieving scale and securing government commitments to co-financing and system strengthening as a foundation. This includes facilitating the development (or refinement) of national investment cases and financing strategies, and a pipeline of investable propositions that can attract a new range of investors previously not involved in the sector. SHF seeks to utilize its grant financing innovatively and catalytically to help to de-risk their entry into the sector.