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MHH Market


The Menstrual Hygiene Marketplace

The menstrual hygiene marketplace provides:

  • Menstrual Products - access to reusable and disposable menstrual materials, as per choice and affordability and gender-responsive facilities and services allowing users to change, clean or dispose of materials safely.
  • Circular  Menstrual Health and Hygiene (MHH) - new and innovative technology including recycling and reuse to reduce the impact on the environment.
  • Smart MHH - smart supply chains and applications to extend reach.

The sanitation economy and menstrual hygiene marketplace are closely interconnected. Women and girls require access to safe toilets, handwashing and hygiene products as well as menstrual products and the broader menstrual hygiene economy to be able to manage their periods safely and with dignity. For SHF it is imperative that emerging sanitation, hygiene and MHH markets are accessible for all, including those marginalized. With our partners, we work to ensure that those most in need receive the additional support they need to access and equally benefit from improved market products and services.